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 During each quarter of the school year, the faculty at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center recommends a student from their program for the honor of “Student of the Quarter.” These nominations are based on one or more of the following criteria: high academic achievement, great effort, great citizenship, vast improvement or positive influence on the class. In addition to receiving a certificate recognizing their achievement, each student’s picture is on display in the lobby of the Center. The members of the Faculty, Administration and Support staff wish to extend our congratulations to the first quarter winners.


Student Name, Program, & Home School

Benjamin Webert, Auto Body Technology 2 (Lowville)

Ashton Harris, Automotive Technology 2 (Carthage)

Wyatt Planck, Automotive Technology 1 (Adirondack)

Elijah Hall, Carpentry 2 (Lowville)

Banyan Barker, Carpentry 1 (Lowville)

Angela Widrick, Cosmetology 2 (River Valley)

Lily Kloster, Cosmetology 1 (Beaver River)

Ayden Meleshchuk, Criminal Justice 2 (Lowville)

Arianna Fox, Criminal Justice 1 (South Lewis)

Jeanette Gifford, Culinary Arts 2 – Cooking (Adirondack)

Jonise Zehr, Culinary Arts 1 – Baking (Beaver River)

Cayley Hertel, Early Childhood Education 2 (Adirondack)

Emma Memery, Early Childhood Education 1 (Adirondack)

Issac Gibson, Electrical Wiring Technology 2 (South Lewis)

Jaden Morczek, Electrical Wiring Technology 1 (South Lewis)

Dayonte Donegan, Engineering & Design 1 (Carthage)

Brayden Monnat, Environmental Conservation & Forestry 2 (Beaver River)

Timothy Hutchins, Environmental Conservation & Forestry 1 (Adirondack)

Kaylee Gentry, Gas/Diesel Mechanics 2 (Lowville)

Devin Sauer, Gas/Diesel Mechanics 1 (Beaver River)

Wyatt Staring, Heavy Equipment 2 (South Lewis)

Logan Jordal, Heavy Equipment 1 (Copenhagen)

Claire Miller, Medical Careers (Adirondack)

Kadence Hirschey, New Vision Health (River Valley)

Alyssa Allen, New Vision Health (Carthage)

Scarlett Hawk, Nursing Assistant (Carthage)

Lillian Morrow, Transitions AM (Lowville)

Kendra Lehman, Veterinary Practices 2 (Beaver River)

Ava Johnson, Veterinary Practices 1 (Carthage)

Marlaina Warcup, Visual Communications 2 (South Lewis)

Leona Gohlert, Visual Communications 1 (Lowville)


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