Bohlen Technical Center Students of the Quarter: Third Quarter

During each quarter of the school year, the faculty at the Charles H. Bohlen, Jr. Technical Center recommends a student from their program for the honor of “Student of the Quarter.”  These nominations are based on one or more of the following criteria:  high academic achievement, great effort, great citizenship, vast improvement or positive influence on the class.  Each student will receive a certificate commemorating their achievement.  The members of the Faculty, Administration and Support staff wish to extend our congratulations to the third quarter winners.



3rd Quarter Students                      BTC Program & Home School

Scott Dreizler                                   3D Modeling & Design 1 (Alexandria)

Naundi Boone                                  Automotive Technology 1 (Carthage)

Ryan Barney                                    Intro to Trades: Building Projects 1 (South Jefferson)

Andy Beirman                                  Intro to Trades: Building Projects 2 (Carthage)

Amani Peterson                               Cosmetology 1 (Indian River)

Hollace Stevens                               Cosmetology 2 (Belleville Henderson)

Jacqueline Renaud                           Criminal Justice 1 (Carthage)

Sarah Davis                                      Criminal Justice 2 (Watertown)

Kiara Guevara                                  Culinary Arts Baking (Watertown)

Devin Monica                                   Culinary Arts Cooking (General Brown)

Shawna Rutmanis                            Early Childhood Education 1 (Indian River)

Joseph Soules                                  Electrical Wiring 1 (South Jefferson)

Cameron Dean                                 Electronic & Computer Tech. 1 (General Brown)

Chase Cloe                                       Heavy Equipment 1 (Carthage)

Brittney Hart                                    Intro to Trades: Hospitality Services 2 (General Brown)

Rikki Wallace                                   New Vision Health (Lyme)

Tayler Jones                                    Nursing Assistant 1 (Watertown)

Brady Maloney                                Plumbing/HVAC 2 (Belleville Henderson)

Jacob Bruce                                    Pre-Tech Academy (Carthage)

Olivia Roggie                                   Veterinary Practices 1 (Carthage)

Caylin Maxwell                                Veterinary Practices 2 (Carthage)

Zachary Eckert                                Welding 1 (LaFargeville)