This cluster focuses on the planning, management, and implementation of educational and support services.

    Careers in this field involve working with others and passing knowledge on to students young and old. Job skills involve the ability to communicate ideas to others as well as the ability to listen and to problem solve. Like other careers, education involves use of computers and technology to assist in communicating ideas and experiences.

    Possible careers in the education field involve private/public classroom education, private/public school administration, day care/Pre-k instruction and administration, counseling, librarians, and special education instructors.

    The following CTE programs under this cluster are offered at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES

early childhood education

      The first five years of life are critical stages in a child’s growth. You can acquire the knowledge needed to work effectively with children in a wide variety of settings through your experiences in BOCES’ two-year Early Childhood Education program. You’ll have the opportunity to explore many different early childhood education career options through internships, guest speakers, research, professional readings, field trips and cooperative activities, as well as on-campus interactions with young children.

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