TEACH Online Services

TEACH Online Services is the NYS Education Department online application and database system. Users must apply for teacher certification and fingerprint clearance through NYSED TEACH Online. Teachers will be able to pay application fees, check status of certificate applications and fingerprint clearance status.

IMPORTANT - Please read prior to setting up your TEACH account:

1. The information that you see listed on TEACH will not reflect a complete record of certification documents submitted to NYSED prior to March 2006. No evaluation history will be available online for evaluations completed prior to that date.

2. In order for BOCES to evaluate your online application, you must choose "Jefferson Lewis BOCES" as your evaluator. You will find the BOCES under the COUNTY button, not the School District Button and you need to choose Jefferson County. If you choose the New York State Education Department as your evaluator, that error cannot be corrected and BOCES will be unable to process your application or confirm your certification status. Please complete this step carefully.

3. After you apply, you may be concerned that the automatic checklist you see does not credit you with all of the requirements that you have completed. Do not be alarmed and there is no need to contact our office. When you are evaluated by the BOCES or the Office of Teaching Initiatives, you will be properly credited with all of the requirements that we have evidenced that you have completed. At that time, you will be able to read any comments that were recorded for competencies that were shown deficient.

Please Note: Any technical/usability problems incurred with the TEACH Online System should be reported online or by phone to the TEACHHELP Line (518-486-6041), not to our BOCES office.

Click on the link below for more information and to create a TEACH account.