Shyainne Davoy competes in the bow saw competition

The talented students at the Environmental Conservation & Forestry program at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center had another strong showing at this year’s New York State Conservation Competition.

The 2022 edition of the competition was held on May 19 at Paul Smith’s College and included 10 conservation and forestry programs from across New York State. For BOCES, a total of 12 students from the Forestry program took part. 

The official results for Sackett Technical Center students are below:

Fish and Wildlife Identification

1st Place - Hunter Burke (Lowville Academy)

2nd Place - Seth Lehman (Beaver River)

3rd Place - Jesse Jones (Copenhagen)

Tree Scaling

3rd Place - Mike Madore (Lowville)

Skidder Operation

2nd Place - Shyainne Davoy (Beaver River)

3rd Place - Sean Miller (Lowville)

Men’s 2 Person Crosscut Saw

1st Place - Jesse Jones (Copenhagen) and Jake Monoghan (Carthage)

Jack-n-Jill 2 Person Crosscut Saw

3rd Place - Shyainne Davoy (Beaver River) and Sean Miller (Lowville)

Women’s Bow Saw

1st Place - Shyainne Davoy

Men’s Bow Saw

3rd Place - Ryan Brown (South Lewis)

2 Person Peavey Log Roll

1st Place - Dylan Barber (Lowville) and Zack Miller (Adirondack)