Howard G. Sackett Technical Center

The Howard G. Sackett Technical Center is located on the Glenfield campus of Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and offers a variety of classes and programs for both high school and adult students.

The Sackett Center offers a variety of Career and Technical Education courses with a focus on a variety of industries such as Health Sciences, Architecture & Construction, Information Technology, Transportation and more. Courses that are specific to the Sackett Center are  Environmental Conservation & Forestry and Gas & Diesel Mechanics. Guidance and academic support offices are also located in the technical center and available for student use.

Sackett Tech is also the home to several Adult Education courses, including Practical Nursing.   Classes for this and other courses take place in the Adult Learning Center, located behind the main technical center. 

The Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Graphics Department is also located at the Sackett Technical Center.

For further information, contact Paul W. Mooney, Principal, (315) 377-7304, pmooney@boces.com


5836 State Highway 12
Glenfield, NY 13343