The Database Menu: Access information for the 23-24 school year

CoSers: See the list of CoSers offered by the School Library System, product information and how to order.

§90.18 School Library Systems: New York State Education Department information on School Library Systems.

Overview of Council and Communication Coordinator Responsibilities: Information on Council representation and duties from NYSED.

ByLaws:  Learn more about being a member of the School Library System and duties of Council members.

Plan of Service 2021-2026: The current five year plan of service for the School Library System. Learn more about our planning and goals for the program.

Member Plan: Local member plan to be filled out by a certified library media specialist in the school building every five years.

School Library System Council: All School Library System Council information is here, including Council members, meeting dates agendas and minutes. 

School Library System Communication Coordinators: All School Library System Communications Coordinators are listed here, along with agendas and minutes

Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan: Designed to help schools build specialized library collections that will benefit all of the member libraries.

JL BOCES SLS Collection Development Guidelines: These guidelines, aligned to BOCES BOE policy, will be followed in making decisions about regional collections.