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CoSer 502


The regional resource sharing package consists of DueNorth, the regional web-based interlibrary loan manager. The resource sharing package is on a subscription basis. All member libraries are required to make the purchase in order to access DueNorth. The DueNorth database includes holdings of over 200 school libraries, 64 public libraries, and all medical, special and academic libraries in the North Country region, including the four year colleges. BOCES subscribes to DueNorth through Northern New York Library Network. Participation in interlibrary loan is a NYS requirement for membership in the School Library System. 


Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development materials allowed for purchase include: single copies, series, audio books, and multiple copy sets supporting the school curriculum and student reading needs. All purchases must be available for the entire region. The amount of CCCD materials to be purchased is not to exceed $2.00 per pupil. Schools must use money beyond the $6.25 library materials aid when ordering through this CoSer. The actual orders for the materials are completed by librarians in each district and sent to the SLS for processing.

The program was initiated in response to the recognition that school libraries must be able to provide curriculum support for social studies instruction, literature-based curriculum and reading instruction. This service will provide faculty and students with access to extensive collections. The School Library System Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan shall be the basis for the service.


All districts are required to pay both the Gale access fee and $1 per pupil for students in grades 3-12 in order to receive consortium eBook access. There is a $37 fee per library in order to pay the Gale access fee. The $1 per pupil for students in grades 3-12 is used to purchase new eBooks to add to the collection each year.

CoSer 528 Online Databases

This is a program for Library Media Centers, K-12. The Online Database CoSer will provide access to specialized collections of online resources enabling participants to make the best use of limited budgets and space. The School Library System will provide access to these information and instructional resources, available in digital format, through cooperative purchase agreements. This shared service includes the searching of computerized databases with access to periodicals, newspapers, reference resources, and visual images. Staff development, technical assistance and training for this service will be provided by the School Library System.

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