Children in classroom watching penguin swim

Over a thousand students in the North Country took part in interactive educational opportunities without leaving the classroom as part of the annual Connected Learning Week that was held November 5-9. 

This was the fourth year that Jefferson-Lewis BOCES held the week-long event.  Overall 14 school districts from Jefferson, Lewis, Hamilton and Herkimer Counties participated.  That included a total of 43 classrooms with 1516 students. 

Among the twenty-two sessions that were offered, students had the opportunity to tour various exhibits of Sea World, ask questions of staff and learn more about sea lions, penguins and other aquatic life.  Students in grades K-12 could take part in different programs to learn more about the history and importance of the U.S. Bill of Rights.  A program was offered to students in Grades 4-6 that used the popular Madden NFL video game to teach important math concepts.  Connected Learning Week wrapped up on an appetizing note at Bohlen Tech. Culinary Arts Instructor Chef William Landers taught students how to build the perfect vegetarian hamburger. 

“We’re very excited about how well Connected Learning Week was received and how many districts were able to participate with their students,” says Lynn Gaffney, Director of Programs & Professional Development.  “We’re looking forward to providing more opportunities for districts to connect in the future.”

Those opportunities will continue through the Career Connections program at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES.  Students from December through May will be given the opportunity to connect remotely with an individual to learn more about their chosen career field and to ask questions.  Career clusters featured will include health services, engineering, culinary, automotive and law enforcement.   Participating students will also learn more about programs available at BOCES to assist them on that career path.  Click here to learn more about Career Connections and how to register.