Mr. Clapper recieves award from BOCES

Congratulations to Mr. Christopher Clapper, Administrator in Support of Libraries Award winner for the 20-21 school year!  He is pictured above with librarian Denise Haddock presenting the award. 

When the current, unprecedented school year approached, Mr. Clapper saw the importance of revitalizing the Alexandria Central School Library to meet modern needs and to be available for students during a global pandemic.  He was committed to facilitating the advancement of the library even though this current school year presented many challenges.  Mr. Clapper supported the professional development and mentoring of their new, full time librarian.  He also worked with the curriculum team to have a traveling library to go into a majority of the classrooms and allow students to request materials from the library. 

Looking ahead to the next school year, he wants to increase diversity of the library collection and create a flexible space.  Mr. Clapper is creating an entire team to work on modernizing the library to meet the needs of the current students and staff.