alternative center for educational services

The Alternative Center for Educational Services program provides opportunities for students in the region who require unique and creative learning opportunities beyond a traditional classroom. Through creative lesson planning and creative learning, participants are given opportunities to prepare them for success. Open to middle and high students in all 18 of our component districts with locations in Watertown and Lowville.

8:1:1 High School Alternative Education Program -

Special classes with this level of staffing are designed for students with severe emotional disabilities who are unable to function within a public school building. Students receive small group and individualized instruction to improve academic and social success leading to a GED or IEP diploma.

8:1:1 Project COPE (Challenging Our Personal Expectations) -

Project COPE is a transitional program for secondary level students with severe conduct disorders who have been removed from school and whose needs cannot be accommodated during the regular school day. This program is offered between the hours of 3-5:30 p.m. Program components place strong emphasis on developing positive student self-worth and the teaching of appropriate behaviors. The goal of this program is to prepare students to return to a full-day program in the regular school setting.

Alternative High School/GED Program -

School dropout prevention is a major concern of all school districts. In an increasingly technological era the importance of completing a high school equivalency program has gained in importance. A two-year course of study for 16-18 year old students provides basic academic coursework, Career/Technical Education opportunities, career counseling and work experience. This program is designed specifically for high school level students who are at significant risk of dropping out of school, prior to the completion of graduation requirements. Classroom instruction focuses on preparing students to successfully complete the General Education Development (GED) Examination.

Endeavor (Middle School Program) -

The Alternative Middle School has been designed to meet the needs of seventh and eighth grade students who are experiencing significant academic difficulties in traditional school settings. These students typically exhibit behaviors including refusal to participate in classroom activities, discipline problems, poor attendance, and academic failure. This is a focused academic program where instruction is designed and delivered to maximize student participation and academic success in an environment that emphasizes the development of student self-discipline. The teacher student ratio will enable staff to interact with students in small groups and individually, utilizing an advisor/advisee model that creates a community of learners. In addition, this setting will provide students with intensive academic intervention prior to entering 9th grade. The goal of this program is to enable students to experience academic success in the classroom and on the Grade 8 NYS assessments and to return to their home schools prepared to successfully complete graduation requirements.

Endeavor (Regents Diploma-Based Alternative High School Program) -

The Diploma-Based Alternative High School Program is designed to meet the needs of students who are having difficulty meeting diploma requirements in a traditional school setting. A major goal of this program is to provide support to students who may need an additional semester or school year or who are in jeopardy of leaving school prematurely prior to the completion of graduation requirements.

Staff will work with students in small groups and on an individual basis to assist them in fulfilling all local and state requirements leading to the awarding of a diploma. Counseling will be provided to assist students in developing a healthy sense of self-worth. Students can elect to combine their alternative program with a half-day technical program at one of the BOCES Technical Centers.

Staff will also provide a supportive atmosphere where students can master academic requirements, develop cooperative attitudes, healthy interpersonal relationships and employability skills.