Arts in Education/Exploratory Enrichment

Our culture and human existence is defined by the arts. Music, literature, art, drama, and dance. All also play a valuable role in the education process.

The Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Arts in Education CoSer 410 supports area schools in bringing the arts into the lives of their students. By scheduling assemblies and field trips shown to support the New York State Learning Standards as they relate to music, drama, dance, literature, visual or media arts through this CoSer, a school may be eligible to receive BOCES aid on some or all of the costs associated with these activities.

The Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Exploratory Enrichment CoSer 412 supports our area schools in providing assemblies and field trip experiences that extend the school's curriculum based upon the New York State Learning Standards in the academic and career education areas. Like the Arts in Education CoSer, the Exploratory Enrichment CoSer provides an opportunity for schools to share programming costs which may generate BOCES aid, making these programs more affordable and therefore more accessible.

While these CoSers share some similarities, they also each have their own unique characteristics. In both cases, specific guidelines must be met for program costs to be eligible to generate BOCES aid.


Exploratory Enrichment Calendar of Events 2022-2023

Exploratory Enrichment Performing Arts Calendar of Events 2022-23

Arts in Education/Exploratory Enrichment CoSer Request Form

Previously Approved Exploratory Enrichment Programs

Previously Approved Arts in Education Programs

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