Engineering & Design Student to Attend SUNY Polytechnic

Vincent Slone’s journey with the Engineering & Design program at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES will come to an end with his high school graduation in June 2018, but his studies will continue following his acceptance to the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica.  The senior from the Town of Webb School District says he plans on majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Vincent was one of the first students to enroll in the new CTE program that was offered beginning in the 2016-17 school year at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center.  He says his time in the class has helped shine the light on his potential career path.

“I was already looking at a computer or engineering course when I heard about the Engineering & Design program being offered at BOCES.  My experience taking the class here helped me realize that the engineering field is for me.”

Vincent says he found parts of the course challenging, but that aspect only enhanced his experience in the classroom.

“What I like about the course is that it presents problems that you would run into in the real world in the field of engineering and you have to solve those problems.  I really enjoy problem solving.”

Vincent says he seriously looked at SUNY Polytechnic when applying for college and saw it as an opportunity to expand on what he has already learned through BOCES. 

“It was close by and very accessible.  It’s a good college for what I’m looking to get into on the engineering side.  Going to BOCES cemented that idea.”

Vincent’s time at BOCES included an internship with Otis Technologies and the company has offered him an opportunity for part-time summer work. Vincent was also one of several students from the Sackett Center who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in a ceremony held in May. 

Engineering & Design instructor Walter Berwick says Vincent has grown in the course and has shown the drive that will make him successful in the future.

“He came in very interested in computers and was looking for his niche.  He does very well in applying himself and his knowledge.  Going to college, he will be able to expand on what he knows.”

Vincent also recommends the Engineering and Design program for those who are creative and looking to build things in industry.

“People who want to get down to it and make things should consider this course.” 

To learn more about the Engineering & Design program, click here.