Exterior of the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center

During each quarter of the school year, the faculty at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center recommends a student from their program for the honor of “Student of the Quarter”.  These nominations are based on one or more of the following criteria: high academic achievement, great effort, great citizenship, vast improvement or positive influence on the class.  In addition to receiving a certificate recognizing their achievement, each student’s picture is on display in the lobby of the Center.  The members of the Faculty, Administration and Support staff wish to extend our congratulations to the third quarter winners.


3rd Quarter Students             HGSTC Program & Home School

Justin Leviker                          Auto Body Technology 2 (Beaver River)

Colin Lagree                           Automotive Technology 1 (Beaver River)

Tracy Planck                           Cosmetology 2 (Adirondack)

Benjamin Wood                      Criminal Justice 1 (Beaver River)

Annika Ortlieb                        Culinary Arts 2 (Beaver River)

Ruth Haldeman                       Early Childhood Education 2 (River Valley)

Trevor Backer                         Electrical Wiring & Technology 1 (Adirondack)

Vincent Slone                         Engineering & Design 2 (Town of Webb)

Brendan Martin                       Env. Cons. & Forestry 2 (Adirondack)

Richard Sullivan                     Gas/Diesel Mechanics 2 (Lowville)

Candice Cardinal                    Medical Careers (Beaver River)

Kirsten Tuttle                          Nursing Assistant (Lowville)

Kiera Sullivan                         Transitions PM (Beaver River)

Katlyn Danforth                     Veterinary Practices 1 (Beaver River)

Brenden Sawler                      Visual Communications 2 (Lowville)