Hayley holding certificate of scholarship

A BOCES student at the Bohlen Technical Center will be able to continue pursuing her dreams of a career in law enforcement following her graduation from high school. 

Hayley Wood-Ruttan, a senior from Watertown High School, recently learned that she has been accepted at Utica College.  She is currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES.  Hayley also learned that she had earned a $2500 scholarship. 

Hayley says she plans on majoring in Psychology while in college with a goal to work for the FBI in the Behavioral Sciences field.  She credits her instructors at BOCES for pointing her towards Utica College.

“(Criminal Justice I Instructor) Ms. Pitkin told me about Utica College and I looked into it further, taking a tour of the campus,” says Hayley.  “I had a couple of different options that I looked at, but narrowed it down after studying different Criminal Justice careers during my first year at BOCES.”

Hayley says she loves her time at BOCES and is looking forward to learning more about Criminal Justice during her senior year, which is proving to be more hands on.

“BOCES gives you a taste of everything in the Criminal Justice field.  It’s more than just learning about being a police officer.  You look at different fields and research them.  Opens more doors than you realize coming in.”

The Criminal Justice program is offered at both the Bohlen Technical Center and the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center.  Click here to learn more

Hayley in front of BTC patrol car