dignity for all students act

The goal of the Dignity Act it to create a safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and focus, rather than fear being discriminated against, intimidated, taunted, harassed, or bullied. Jefferson-Lewis BOCES is committed to creating a safe and caring environment to all students.

Who is Protected Under the Dignity Act and Where?

Under the Dignity Act, ALL students are protected from discrimination/bullying by other students and personnel while:

  • On school property (school buildings, grounds, parking lots, etc.)
  • On a school bus/vehicle
  • At any school-sponsored event or activity (field trip, athletic event, etc.)

In 2013, the Dignity Act was expanded to include cyberbullying (defined as “any harassment or bullying that occurs through any form of electronic communication.”)

Schools are required to respond to cyberbullying that:

  • Happens on school property or at a school function
  • Happens off school property, but creates a substantial disruption to the learning environment or when the threats, intimidation or abuse impact (or could impact) the school environment
Who Can Make a Report?

Any person who experiences, witnesses, or is told about bullying/discrimination can make a report. Including:

  • Students
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Community Members

*Note: School employees are required to report any bullying/discrimination they witness or are told about.

How Do I Make a Report?

You can make a report by filling out the Dignity Act Reporting form that is found here and in all Jefferson-Lewis programs, or by telling a Dignity Act Coordinator or Jefferson-Lewis BOCES staff member.

The following are Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Dignity Act Coordinators:

H.G. Sackett Tech. CenterMallory Douglas, Principal 315-377-7304mdouglas@boces.com
Bohlen Tech. CenterRandy Fulkerson, Principal
Boak Education Center/Lewis Co. ACESAlicia Ross, Supervisor
Watertown/Jefferson Co. ACESJeanette Rushford, Asst. Supervisor315-779-7233jrushford@boces.com

What Happens After I Make a Report?

The report will be shared with appropriate Dignity Act Coordinator who will promptly and thoroughly investigate the matter, and take actions to stop the bullying/harassment from continuing.

For more information on the Dignity Act, please visit the New York State Education Department by clicking here.