My friend's email keeps getting moved to my quarantine. How do I stop that?

My friend's email keeps getting moved to my quarantine. How do I stop that?

Here is an easy way to modify your Netmail Secure SPAM settings so that it won't put your friend's email in the quarantine.

  1. Log into the Netmail Secure appliance by using the FAQ on how to log into your quarantine.
  2. Click on the Preferences link at the top of the page. (You will then see the options similar to below.)

    Description: M+Guradian Preferences Page

  3. Now click on the Allow List option in the settings section. (You will then be presented with this page.)

    Description: M+Guardian Allow List

  4. If you would like to unblock an entire domain(email server), you can add the information after the @ symbol in their email address to the Allowed Domains. If you would like to just unblock a single email address you would add the full email address to the Allowed Addresses section.

    You do so by typing the domain or email address into the respective text areas and clicking the Add button. You should immediately see what you have typed added to the list on the screen.

    SAMPLE: is and email address - the domain part after the @ is

    Bulk email services like Campaigner, Jangomail, Sendblaster, Mail Chimp, Send Grid, Mailjet, etc. will often send email on behalf of other email servers. Simply placing the domain of who appears to be the sender/from address of the email will allow all of their emails to come through. You would need to add the domain from their email server that can be see under the Message Source tab on the email in GroupWise. We can help you add this to your personal allow list.
  1. Finally make sure to hit the Save button and your changes will be saved.


  • From this point forward any emails from that domain or email address will not be quarantined because they are considered SPAM(UBE - Unsolicited Bulk Email).
  • If you add a domain all a spammer has to do is pretend to be from that domain in order to bypass the SPAM quarantine.
  • If the email contains a virus/malware or malware type attachment it will still be Quarantined to protect the system.
For information on blocking domains or emails see the FAQ related to that.