Introduction to Digital Photography
    Bring your digital camera, cords and batteries - We will show you how to be a better photographer.  Get to know your camera and settings like never before.

    This course is designed for the beginner digital photographer.  We will cover the basics as well as some intermediate digital and photo techniques.  The course is designed to be a mixture of lectures and discussion of participant work, as well as hands-on experience with your own digital camera as well as some photo editing techniques.  The goal of this class is to provide top-quality, personalized digital training and instruction.

    No photography experience is necessary; however, some computer experience will be helpful.  A basic understanding of the Windows interface and file management will help facilitate the uploading of photos to a computer.  In particular, it is helpful if participants know how to save, copy and manage files.
    Getting to Know Your Camera
       •  Presentation
       •  Media Storage 
       •  Photo Settings
       •  Flash Photography
       •  Red Eye
    Photo Editing
       •  Photoshop, Picasa, Artweaver
       •  Altering Images 
       •  Organizing Images
       •  Image Size
           °  Be Kind, Resize
           °  Email    

    From Camera to Computer
       •  Uploading images
       •  Two most common ways to transfer
       •  Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
       •  Renaming Files, Organizing by Date
       •  Backing up Images
    Which Camera Mode?
       •  Macro Photography
       •  Landscape
       •  Action Photography
       •  Candid Photography
       •  Indoor Photography
     Supply List
     1.  Digital Camera
     2.  Manual
     3.  Batteries
     4.  Cords for YOUR camera
     5.  Storage Media
     6.  USB Flash Drive
      Fall Session  Spring Session
     Start Date  October 4, 2017  TBD
     End Date  October 25, 2017  TBD
     Location  Bohlen Technical Center  Bohlen Technical Center
     Days  Wednesdays  TBD
     Time  6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
     Course Length  4 wks. / 8 hrs.  4 wks. / 8 hrs.
     Tuition  $50  $50
     Instructor  Tim Davey