• Electronic & Computer Technology
    Quick look
    Target Student: Grades 11 & 12
    Course Length: 2 years
    Credits: Up to 4 per year in CTE
    or a combination of CTE and
    integrated academic credit for
    career & financial management,
    math and science
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    Electronic & Computer Technology
    Instructor at Bohlen Tech:
    Audrey O'Shea

    Electronic & Computer Technology (Bohlen Tech Center only)

    The explosion of home and business electronics means you’ll likely have great job prospects after participating in the Electronic and Computer Technology program. Electronics and computers are a part of nearly everything that touches our lives, from airplane control towers and medical imaging machines to the grocery store checkout and your own cell phone and game console. There is a need for trained professionals to design, maintain and repair those computer systems and electronic devices. Walk into our classroom and you’ll enter a high-tech, hands-on world where you’ll learn about electronic components, circuits, computer-aided design, computer and network systems and robotics. This is a two-year program.


    Sample units of study

    • Electronic components
    • Breadboarding and soldering
    • DC series and parallel circuits
    • Motors and generators
    • Digital logic
    • Computer hardware
    • Computer operating systems
    • Networking
    • Security
    • Optimizing and troubleshooting PC systems

    Career opportunities

    • Technical support specialist
    • Field service technician
    • IT support technician
    • IT support administrator
    • Electronics technician
    • Bench technician
    • Help Desk technician


    College partners

    • Students can earn 10-hour safety card issued by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
    • Students can earn Customer Service Specialist or DC Electronics certifications through the Electronics Technicians'' Association.
    • Students can earn A+ Certified Repair Technician certification through CompTIA. This certification is required for Dell, Intel and Lenovo service technicians, recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense and held by 900,000 professionals.
    • ITT Technical Institute
    • New England Institute of Technology
Last Modified on January 3, 2017