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     The Automotive Technology Program is a one or two year program  designed to prepare successful graduates for entry-level employment.
    This program serves secondary students and the adult learner.  This is a NATEF approved program. 
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     Instructor:  Randy Fulkerson
     Phone:  (315) 779-6862
    The Automotive Shop/Classroom
    The automotive shop/classroom is a modern and up-to-date facility. The equipment is not only current, but represents industry standards and is recognized as high quality by our business and industry partners. It is our goal to provide a 'real world' automotive employment atmosphere to students. Auto Tech students will use the traditional classroom, in-house computer lab and ATech electrical lab trainers.  Students are able to access repair procedures, look up parts, and check for diagnostic trouble codes using our state of the art wireless notebooks with scan tool capabilities. 

    To learn more, please arrange a visit with your local guidance counselor, e-mail the classroom instructor above, or call us at (315) 779-7200.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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