During March Book Madness, students will have the opportunity to vote each week for their favorite books in a March Madness style bracket. The categories include Picture Books, Elementary Chapter Books, Middle School Books, and High School Books. The voting will open each Monday at 7:00 AM and close each Friday at 3:00 PM. Every Friday evening, new voting links will be sent to the librarians for the following week, reflecting the next stage of the bracket.

Librarians may share the link with students or set up a computer in the library as a polling location. There is a pass option on the voting form so that students only need to vote for the books that they have actually read. We have provided the posters ahead of time so that students have lead time to read as many books as possible. If a library does not have a book, interlibrary loan is always available. At the closing of the last week, the schools will be notified of the winners and the SLS will order a copy of the winning book for each school that participated in the voting process.


January-February Reading!
March 4-8: Sweet 16
March 11-15: Elite 8
March 18-22: Final 4
March 25-29: Championship Round
April: Libraries will be notified of the winners!

Voting Links & Brackets: Sweet 16 Round

Picture Books

Elementary Chapter Books

Middle School Books

High School Books