Gather, create, and learn. Those are the goals of the MakerSpace movement. Teach classroom concepts by allowing students to use their hands to build a project and have fun in the process. Use technology or common household items.


Garage Band: Garage Band is an app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers that allows the user to create and record a wide range of music and sounds.

Origami: How to make a paper cup that holds water.

Paper Structure Challenge: Create a paper structure that holds the weight of a toy

Repurposed Puzzle Pieces: This puzzle piece snowflake is an example of a low-cost MakerSpace project that can be completed by re-purposing materials.

Stop Motion: Using the stop motion app called “Stop Motion Studio,” create a stop motion video using still photos, characters, backdrops and sounds.

Finger Knitting: Finger knitting is a simple way students as young as 6 can create a piece of knitting without any costly tools.

iMovie: Students utilize their creative writing skills by use the iMovie trailer tool to create a story.

Yarn Lucet: Use a plastic fork to create an ancient tool to make a simple cording from string or yearn.

Craft Stick Bridge: Students experiment to create the strongest structure possible

Craft Stick LED Flashlight: Make your own flashlight using simple items from the MakerSpace cart and learn the basics of LED circuitry.

Parallel Circuits LED Light up Card: Why buy a boring old greeting card when you can make a light up card!

Make Your Own Games: Students use items from the MakerSpace cart to create games for each other to play.

Code.org: Computer Science is a growing field.Learning to code is fun and there are resources out there for beginners.

Tynker: Another coding project for beginners.

Helpful Links

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