student resources

student resources

A variety of support services are available at our two technical centers to help students with their academic studies.


The Career Services Office at each of our two tech centers provides students with information on post-secondary training, job opportunities, and the armed services. The office coordinates visits from admissions counselors from colleges and trade schools, as well as armed services recruiters. The Career Services Office also coordinates tours for adults and home school students.

Academic Support Teachers:

Bohlen Technical Center

Mary Pennock mpennock@boces.com

Darren Bracy dbracy@boces.com
Andrew Derouin aderouin@boces.com

Russell Koster rkoster@boces.com
Sackett Technical Center

Lyndon Davis

Math/Computer Lab
Geoffrey Buckingham gbuckingham@boces.com

Stephen Bond

Consultant Resource Services

Consultant Teacher Services are available to students with disabilities. The services incorporate a variety of methods to address the unique instructional needs of the learner within each program. Using direct and indirect approaches, Consultant Teacher Services strengthen the connection between the technical program of study and the student thereby increasing the potential for success.

Bohlen Technical Center

Michele Alagana  malagna@boces.com

Wendell Putnam wputnam@boces.com

Sackett Technical Center

Adrienne Dietrich  adietrich@boces.com

Other Student Resources

request a CTE transcript

Request a CTE Transcript: Career and Technical Education transcripts may be ordered by mail, fax or in person

student employment opportunities

Student Employment Opportunities: Job listings and other opportunities for students