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The Adult & Continuing Education Department offers a diverse selection of preparation and training programs. Courses include licensure and certification in the health or technical/trade professions. Preparation courses focus on achieving the High School Equivalency Diploma and enhancing workforce development skills. There are various personal enrichment courses in computer applications, personal development, arts & leisure, etc. that can be attended on campus or online. Finally, standardized examinations and other high-stakes tests are available to community members.

The Center for Business & Industry is devoted to training career professionals in many occupations. These courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Successful completion will typically qualify the adult student for certification or licensure. All construction trade courses result in the NCCER certification (National Center for Construction Education and Research). Whereas other customized trade courses result in a certificate of training that is utilized as verification of continuing education credits, e.g., apprenticeship.

Literacy Education programs focus on building the literacy skills of the adult student.Preparation programming in literacy is grant funded through the NYS Education Department, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services Office (ACCES).In essence, the policy and procedures are set by ACCES and implemented within the specifications of each funding vehicle. Currently, the Adult Education Department is funded to conduct the HSE (High School Equivalency) and WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) programs. The curriculum emphasis for HSE is the attainment of a High School Equivalency Diploma, whereas the WIOA program also includes a robust component on workforce development. The standardized examination for an HSE is the TASC™ Test (Test Assessing Secondary Completion). The Jefferson-Lewis BOCES serves as the official testing site for the TASC™ Test.

New York State Licensing programs are training courses conducted by the Adult Education Department. The Adult Education Department is authorized to conduct training programs in Cosmetology, Nurse Aide and Practical Nursing. Each of training program is conducted according to the rigor as set forth by the NYS Office of the Professions. Successful completion of a course will qualify the adult student to have their application for licensure reviewed by NYS. If qualified then the adult student will be able to register and sit for the licensing examination.

Personal Enrichment Courses are offered on campus or online and serve to satisfy your personal interests in a variety of endeavors. The only difference in whether you enroll for a course on campus or online is your preference in the delivery of instruction. On campus courses are delivered by a local professional in the field. The adult student has face-to-face interactions. On campus courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters and can change based on interest and enrollment. Online courses are delivered by a local, state or national professional in the field. The online courses are instructor facilitated which means that the adult student communicates with the instructor and other students via online resources, e.g., email, discussion boards, etc. These courses are typically 6-weeks in length and have a monthly start date. Online learning has another option, self-paced tutorials. Self-Paced Tutorials start anytime and are designed for the independent learner. The Online Catalog of Instruction includes over 300 courses in Accounting and Finance, Business, Computer Applications, Design and Composition (computer aided), Personal Development, Technology, and Writing and Publishing.

In addition, the Adult Education Department offers a high-stakes Testing Center for professionals who require licensure or certification. The professional is guided by the specifications of their national or state professional organization. When it is time to take an examination, the professional will gain access to the Testing Center by following a link on the website of the professional organization. The Testing Center administers examinations for Comira, Kryterion, Pan, Pearson Vue, and PSI.

The Adult Education Department is a fluid entity that supports your educational needs.Please do not hesitate to call, 315-779-7220, direct message or email, adulted@boces.com.

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