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Today’s agricultural industry plays a key role in environmental sustainability. Through the use of existing and emerging technology, it has transformed into a modern and environmentally responsible field. Career opportunities within agriculture are wide ranging and span across new and exciting fields.

The Environmental & Agricultural Academy is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences in the areas of current and emerging environmental and agricultural careers. The Academy's two complementary, stand-alone programs allow for students to study careers in crop and food production systems, livestock care, and environmental conservation as well as automation in agriculture, drone mapping, and environmental management.

Environmental and Agricultural Careers(PM)-For students new to agricultural and/or environmental coursework or for those planning to complete a two-year CTE sequence.

Emerging Environmental and Agricultural Careers (AM)- For students looking for a capstone senior year program after taking other coursework in Agriculture.

The programs are available to high school juniors and seniors. Students will have the opportunity to earn four credits per year in CTE and integrated academic credits in Math, Science, English, and career & Financial Management.

Sample units of study include careers in conservation, preservation & exploitation; Earth’s energy; biodiversity; environmental and agricultural interactions; geographic information and global positioning systems; mechanical design and management; agricultural mechanical and hydraulic systems; and precision agriculture.

Career opportunities include agricultural engineers, environmental engineering technicians, biological technicians, animal scientists, environmental advocate, farm workers and laborers.

Students will have the opportunity to earn EDGE Credits (at least four per year) with Jefferson Community College.

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