Skills USA

    Skills USA is a student leadership organization available to all Career and Technical students. It is designed for the students and run by the students. The chapter chooses, plans and conducts its own activities.
    As a Skills USA member, you will develop into a well-rounded person with technical, academic and "employability" skills, the skills that not only help you get a job but also have a successful career. In every meeting, contest, leadership conference and activity, you will be building these skills.
    Advisors at the Bohlen Technical Center:

    Tara Pawlowski - Co-Lead Advisor
    William Landers - Co-Lead Advisor
    Justin Hall
    Sia McDermott
    Patti Cohen
    David Sheppard
    Audrey O'Shea

    Advisors at the H.G. Sackett Technical Center:
    Darren Bracy - Lead Advisor
    Laurie Cleveland - State Officer Advisor
    Amy Baker
    Deanna Van Wie
    David Brancheau
    Cindy Fitzpatrick
    Blake Place
    Sharon Smith
    Russell Koster
    Mallory Douglas

    www.skillsusa.org National Skills USA
    www.nysskillsusa.org New York State Skills USA
    "SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, instructors, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We help each student to excel."