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    Georgia Dusckas, Ed.D.
    Supervisor, Adult and Continuing Education
    Elizabeth Cumoletti
    Secretary, Adult and Continuing Education


    The Greatest Path to Economic and Social Mobility


    Dear Community Member:

    The mission of the Office of Adult and Continuing Education is to promote lifelong learning whereby affordable education opportunities exist for the adult learner to advance their economic and social mobility.  The focus of our programming is to enable everyone from the individual seeking a career change, a high school diploma or a new hobby to be able to fulfill his or her aspiration.

    Education is the powerful force that supports change.  The sobering fact is that college graduates typically have more earning power than the less educated.  In addition, the wages of the high school graduate are seemingly stagnant.  Consequently, there must be an occupational shift in order to initiate mobility.

    It is my explicit desire to change the economics for those who have the drive, determination and personal will to seek the next rung on the ladder of achievement.  The Office of Adult and Continuing Education will provide the resources, assistance and educational experiences necessary for all learners to pursue their desired pathway and vision for success.

    The Office of Adult and Continuing Education offers a variety of courses and programs.  Courses/Programs are based on community needs and desires and can change each semester.  The current content areas are:

    ·         Avocational Education

                   Instruction for enjoyment in creative arts, computer studies and do-it-yourself

    ·         Business & Industry Education

                   Instruction for entry-level employment, apprenticeship training and customized services for                                retention and promotion (funding sources are available for each)

    ·         Literacy Education

                   Instruction for English Language Learners (ESOL) and those who desire a high school                                equivalency diploma (all instruction and the TASC™ Test are at no cost)

    ·         Health Occupations Education

                   Instruction for Home Health Aides, Nurse Assistants and Practical Nurses

    ·          Online Education

                   Instruction for professional development or personal enrichment; highly interactive; instructor                              lead; convenient six-week format; and over 300 courses from which to select

    The Office of Adult and Continuing Education staff and I pledge our support to enrich your life through education.  Thank you for your interest in our programming.

                                                                          Georgia Dusckas, Ed.D.
                                                                          Adult and Continuing Education Supervisor


               Wisdom Through Diligence                            Knowledge With Honor