•    BOCES Mobile Cloud Printing is available now on specific printers in key meeting areas. You will be able to print multiple types of content (Office documents, images/pictures, PDFs, and more) from your Windows, Mac OS X, Smartphone and Tablets running Android, iOS**, Blackberry and Windows Mobile/
        Printers are identified in these key meeting areas with a sticker that contains a web page to go to on your Windows or Mac computer to install the printer and drives. Smartphones and Tablets may install the latest Novell iPrint app from their respective app stores and scan the QR code on the printer to get started. Apple iOS users may skip using the app and search for the printers using their built in search.
    There are additional instructions in our Technology Questions? section under the Technology Chanel,  click here.
    **Novell Engineering has also been able to develop a work around to support iOS AirPrint on an Enterprise network without the need for additional specialized network hardware.