• 6.1.2 Identifies key words and ideas that appear in background information and class conversation.

    6.1.3 Recognizes the characteristics of good questions.

    6.1.4 Determines what information is needed to support the investigation and answer the question.


    6.1.5 Recognizes the organization and use of special sections in the library (e.g. reference, graphic novels, paperbacks).

    6.1.7 Uses online catalog independently to locate specific books, get classification numbers, and browse the shelves.


    6.1.10 Uses both primary and secondary sources.

    6.1.12 Differentiates between important and unimportant details.

    6.2.5. Read a variety of genres in print and electronic format.


    6.3.4 Abides by Acceptable Use Policy by accessing only appropriate information and using technology responsibly.

    6.3.5 Understands the concept of plagiarism and the importance of paraphrasing.