• 5.1.2 Assesses questions to determine which can be answered by simple facts, which cannot be answered, and which would lead to an interesting inquiry.

    5.1.5 Uses navigation tools of a Website to find information.

    5.1.7 Interprets information taken from maps, graphs, charts and other visuals.

    5.1.8 Evaluates print and electronic information for usefulness, relevance, and accuracy.

    5.1.12 Identifies and uses the organizational structures of a nonfiction book (preface, forward, and introduction) to locate information.

    5.1.18 Cites all sources used according to model provided by teacher.

    5.1.19 Uses a variety of technology tools chosen by librarian or teacher to create products.

    5.2.2 Compares and contrasts story elements in two literary works.


    5.2.5 Develops basic search skills for online and database searching (related to personal interests).


    5.3.3 Discusses responsible use and misuse of technology and describes personal consequences of inappropriate use of information and technology.