• 3.1.3 Formulates questions about the topic with guidance.


    3.1.6 Locates nonfiction material at appropriate reading level.


    3.1.7 Searches the online catalog (author, title, and subject) with assistance to locate materials.


    3.1.9 Selects and uses multiple appropriate print, nonprint, electronic, and human sources (e.g., thesauri, general encyclopedias, and periodical databases) to answer questions.


    3.1.13 Identifies and uses the organizational structures of a nonfiction book (table of contents, index and glossary) to locate information.


    3.1.15 States the main idea.

    3.1.16 Organizes information using a teacher provided tool (uses graphic organizers).


    3.2.5 Begins to explore and examine the various genres (based on personal interests).


    3.3.1 Demonstrates responsibility and awareness that library resources are to be shared among the entire school community.


    3.3.3 Observes Internet safety procedures including safeguarding personal information.