• Welcome to the Regional Certification Office

    The Jefferson Lewis BOCES Certification Office serves as a regional office for the Office of Teaching Initiatives in the State Education Department. The Regional Office provides assistance, processes and approves* the online applications of candidates for NYS certification in the areas of teaching assistant, teaching, pupil personnel services and coaching. This service is for those residing, working or attending school within the Jefferson Lewis or St. Lawrence Lewis BOCES service area. The process must be completed online at www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert(*Final approval for certification is at the discretion of the Office of Teaching Initiatives at NYSED.) 

    The certification areas that cannot be evaluated through the Regional Certification Office include ESOL, Interstate Reciprocity, Bilingual, Occupational Education, SDA, certificates for persons with foreign credentials or those who are not citizens of the United States. However, you may ask this office to forward all materials to the State Education Department on your behalf.

    Be advised that your certification to work in the public schools is your responsibility. Be sure to know when your present certification will expire and what is required to obtain the next level of your certification.

    To be fair to all, all applications are handled in the order they are submitted, paid for and all proper documentation is received. Lack of planning only creates stress for you. You will still have to wait for the application to appear in the work queue, and for the evaluator to then review and process the applications. Once this material is evaluated and if the candidate meets the New York State certification requirements, the recommendation for certification is forwarded to the State Education Department. When an individual does not meet requirements, a formal evaluation of the applicant’s credentials showing specific deficiencies is provided by the regional office.

    Appointments are recommended. You can make an appointment for our Watertown Office by calling (315)779-7020 or our Canton office by calling (315) 386-4504 (x10158) or emailing dwright@boces.com.

    Transcripts and other pertinent materials should be mailed to:

    Diane Wright
    Jefferson Lewis BOCES
    20104 State Route 3
    Watertown, N.Y. 13601
    Ways to Prevent Delays in the Certification Process

    Official college transcripts must be sent to the entity you choose to review your application. Without official transcripts, we cannot evaluate for coursework or for your degree status. If your transcripts have transfer coursework on them, you must also request a transcript from the college you took the coursework from.

    Make sure your transcripts are in your current name. Many colleges do not have SS#’s on their transcripts and we have no way of linking a transcript to the proper certificate application without the correct name.

    Please update your information in your “Personal Profile” in TEACH regularly. It is important that we have a current name, phone number, mailing address and email address.

    Please update your paid working experience in TEACH if you are applying for a Professional or Permanent certificate.

    If applying via Interstate Reciprocity, you must send official transcripts as well as a copy of your current teaching license (front and back). If the back is blank, please write “this side blank” so it is known.

    To view pertinent information on Fingerprinting, NYS mandated workshops, exams, professional development and links to important internet resources for certification, please log onto www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert and refer to the Topics A to Z link.

Last Modified on May 20, 2015