• 1.1.2 Restates, retells, asks questions.


    1.1.4 Demonstrates the ability to use the library and check out books.


    1.1.6 Recognizes that fiction and picture books are organized by the author’s last name in A-B-C order.



    1.1.7 Recognizes the purpose of the online catalog to locate materials.



    1.1.8 Selects and uses appropriate sources with guidance, including picture dictionaries and beginning encyclopedias to answer questions.



    1.1.9 Interprets information represented in pictures, illustrations, and simple charts and verbalizes the main idea



    1.1.10 Distinguishes between fact and opinion.



    1.2.1 Identifies plot, characters, times, and places in a story.



    1.2.2 Draws and shares conclusions about main idea of a story.




    1.2.5 Distinguishes between what is factual and imaginary.



    1.3.5 Understands that it is wrong to copy from an author or another student.