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    The Jefferson-Lewis Teacher Center has 3 die cut sets available for use.  

    Jefferson County: JL Teacher Center                                 Contact: jlteach@boces.com/315-785-9143
                                  LaFargeville Central School                 Contact: dhenry@lafargevillecsd.org/315-658-2241 ext. 21
    Lewis County:       Copenhagen Central School                 Contact: kgreene@ccsknights.org/315-688-4411 ext. 2150
                                                                                                              kfazio@ccknights.org/315-688-4411 ext. 2150
    Click on the link to view the listings of the die cuts. 
    The many creative instructional uses of these die cuts are limitless!  

    NEW at the Center are 2 SCIENCE sets. We have a 4 die cut set of the BUTTERFLY metamorphis and a 4 die cut set of the FROG life cycle!


    butterfly            frog
                    Butterfly Set                                                Frog Set




Last Modified on March 2, 2016