• Another longstanding service of the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES is the Audio-Visual Service.  This service is dedicated to helping teachers and administrators achieve the maximum effect of their audio/visual demonstrations. 




    From the latest in A.V. devices, such as digital cameras and computer image projection units, to older filmstrip machines and record players, we will gladly inspect any type of equipment for possible repair.  Our shop also has additional resources available for some warranty and proprietary (factory service only) repairs, as well as repairs of musical instruments such as keyboards, mixers and microphones, and cd/dvd player units.

    We also stock, for your convenient delivery, new, brand name overhead projectors, VCR's and audiocassette recording units. As with all repairs, just fill out the BOCES repair form and request to have the unit replaced. Attach the form to the unit, and send it in via normal BOCES delivery service. We will dispose of the old unit.

    If you have any questions concerning your audio/visual equipment, feel free to (315) 377-7300.