• Known as one of BOCES best kept secrets, the Graphics Department has actually been around since the early '60's.  Today's Graphics Department is much different than 40 years ago, although our basic goal remains the same. Our purpose is to supply educators with the best visual aides possible to enhance their learning environment. 

    Our department consists of one full time graphic artist and one graphic aide.  Many graphic artists have worked here, but Chris Buckingham and Marcie Buell have combined experience of over 20 years. They are the workforce that keeps the Graphics Department the smooth running machine that it is today.  

    Our computers are capable of producing and keeping many of the items requested on file electronically, so materials previously produced by the department can be made or amended for individual applications.  The future remains promising for the Graphics Department, especially given our commitment to serve our educators and the understanding and support of our administration. From the many thank you cards, letters, phone calls and e-mails sent to us, we know the job we do is unique and full of many satisfying rewards.  Keeping up with demand has always been difficult, but our work speaks for itself.

    Contact Information:

    Chris Buckingham                         Marcie Buell

    377-7337 or 779-7337                   377-7336 or 779-7336