• Acknowledgement - What is it?
    The website, http://www.pbisworld.com/tier-1/acknowledging-positive-behavior/, states that acknowledgement is recognizing students for following rules, directives, directions, participating, etc, is one of the most effective tools for managing, promoting, and correcting undesired behaviors. Children respond far better, typically, to positive reinforcement then negative. Numerous studies continue to support and validate this social dynamic.  
    According to the Positive Behavior Support Initiative, the purpose of acknowledgement is to:
    •  foster a welcoming and positive climate.
    •  focus staff and student attention on desired behaviors.
    •  increase the likelihood that desired behaviors will be increased.
    •  reduce the time spent correcting student misbehavior.

    Why should teachers use acknowledgements? 

    •  To reinforce the teaching of new behaviors.
    •  To harness the influence of kids who are showing expected behaviors to encourage the kids who are not.
    •  To strengthen positive behaviors that can compete with problem behaviors.

    Take a look at acknowledgments in action.  Yes, this is an elementary classroom, but the concept is the same at the secondary level.