• Physical Design and Environmental Cues
    The following is taken from the Mesa Public Schools Career and Technical Education Classroom Management Handbook.
    The classroom environment creates the students' first impression of what to expect from that class and teacher.  Make it a positive one by taking the following into consideration:
    •  Providing an inviting classroom climate (seating arrangement, what's on the walls, etc.) leads to appropriately behaved students.
    • Be sure there is adequate space for "traffic flow".
    • Stand by the door and greet the students as they enter the room.
    • Be sure the room is arranged in a way for all students to see the board, demonstration area, etc.
    • Arrange the room in a way that the teacher can monitor all areas at all times.
    • Insist on a seating chart, but feel free to change it often.
    • Be prepared; disorder breeds disorderly behavior.
    • Most everything that happens in class should be task oriented and predictable.
    • Very little class time should be wasted; well-planned lessons that go from bell-to-bell are key to keeping control.
    • "Work the crowd" - Circulate throughout the room whenever students are working - do not sit at the desk to get caught up on computer work.
    • Recognize positive behaviors.

    Take a look at the following video about a classroom's physical design and environmental cues.