• Independent Practice
     During the independent practice phase of your lesson, you create an opportunity for students to practice what they were taught.  This practice matches the learning objective(s) from your lesson.  Students are not expected to teach themselves during this phase of the lesson, and are expected to take full responsibility for their learning.  An independent practice activity must be meaningful and focused.  Independent practice is generally a homework assignment.
    From the website: http://www.edulink.org/lessonplans/independ.htm

    The homework is independent practice which reinforces the lesson and it is directly related to the lesson.

    When the student can perform the skill or process without major errors, then s/he is ready to develop fluency by practicing without the availability of the teacher. The teacher does not need to monitor the practice as the student is doing it, but should check the finished product (homework, assignment, etc.).

    When assigning homework, remember:

    1. make a clear connection between the homework and the lesson
    2. assign the homework as close to the time of the lesson as possible
    3. explain the assignment clearly; check to be sure that students understand before they leave your room