• The CDOS Curriculum Specialist is a three-year, grant-funded position.  The Curriculum Specialist will work to complete the following tasks during the duration of the grant:

    Specific Activities to Address Deliverable

    Assess BOCES’ current program offerings at its two technical education centers with special focus on SWD accessibility and adherences to CDOS learning standards.

    Explore “best practices” in the delivery of SWD instruction by exemplary CTE programs.

    Develop and implement a multi-year action plan to expand current BOCES curricular offerings to support SWD success.

    Use assessment tools based in research to identify use of UDL, explicit instruction and specially designed instruction in BOCES and district CTE classrooms.

    Examine and analyze data gleaned from observations, classroom instruction assessment tools, and student performance to establish goals for improved SWD outcomes.

    Research and identify scaffold curricular materials that can be used in BOCES and district- based CTE courses to support SWD technical skills acquisition.

    Develop technical materials with varied readability levels aligned to CTE course content.

    Revise CTE instructional resources to provide alternative curricular materials based on SWD unique learning needs and reading levels.

    Examine current class offerings and associated curriculum to identify opportunities to adjust and/or develop new classes that directly align with CDOS credential requirements.

    Identify opportunities for districts to revise current program offerings and curriculum, enabling them to strengthen their infrastructure and enhance their ability to provide more opportunity for SWD to achieve the CDOS commencement credential.

    Develop a multi-year plan for enhancing curricular materials to support SWD in all CTE courses where modifications and alternative formatted materials are needed.

    Identify opportunities to integrate assistive technology into CTE courses.

    Survey component districts and local employers regarding the desired components of new Jefferson-Lewis BOCES CTE educational program(s)

    Examine local employment trends and identify entry-level employment opportunities

    Provide professional development to teachers in UDL, explicit instruction, and research-based strategy instruction

    Provide professional development to staff on new curricular materials, effective lesson planning, specially designed instruction, and embedding assistive technology into teaching.

    Develop and implement a multi-year plan for revision, development, enhancement, storage, and accessibility of curricular materials – creating a sustainable resource – to support SWD CTE learning at BOCES technical centers and in district classrooms.

    Archive and organize newly developed materials in a database that teachers can access.