•    If after checking the Technology Questions section and using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to determine how to complete a task, you still require assistance the Jefferson-Lewis-Herkimer-Haminlton-Oneida BOCES Helpdesk is here to help.
    There are multiple ways to reach us to create a ticket to obtain help resolving your technology issue.
    1.) Email help@boces.com with the details of your problem report. (You must email from your @boces.com address.)
    2.) Go to https://boces.zendesk.com/ - Log in with your Jefferoson-Lewis-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES Google Apps username and password and create a ticket or track existing tickets.
    3.) You can also call the helpdesk on campus at x10700 or 315-779-7251 at any point for assistance. We make every effort to monitor the JLHHO Helpdesk line but should no one be available please do leave a detailed message of who is calling and what problem you are trying to resolve.
    We look forward to helping you. Please be certain to report any technical issue that occurs so that we are aware of it and can provide you assistance. Thank you.
Last Modified on October 31, 2016