• Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q- Are the courses accredited?

    A-     Yes, the courses are all approved and the teachers are NYS Certified.

    Q- What is the cost for students?

    A-     Currently, there is no student cost. Technology equipment may be provided if needed.

    Q- How do students know which courses to take?

    A-     Students can align their interests, abilities, and prerequisite courses with our listings and also speak to their school counselor or e-Learning mentor.

    Q- How do students enroll?

    A-  Students can enroll by filling out an enrollment form and turning it in to their school counselor. All students must receive permission to enroll from both their school counselor and principal. Counselors can return the completed form to JLL BOCES. Please see the Online/DL Calendar for specific due dates.

    Q- When do the courses start?

        A– The courses are scheduled to begin on the first day of school in September, however most courses will require work to be completed over the summer prior to the start of school. In addition, each student must complete technology training prior to the start of the class in order to minimize technology concerns and issues during the school year. Please see the Online Learning/DL Calendar for specific dates of trainings offered.

    Q- Will my student have any support offered in their local school?

    A-  Yes, each participating school has an e-Learning mentor to help students with any issues or questions they are experiencing. Our online teachers are also available for questions and basic trouble-shooting. The e-Learning mentor will make regular contact with the students and will help monitor their progress. The e-Learning mentor will serve as a liaison between the online program and the local school and may also proctor exams as necessary.

    Q- How long does each course last?

    A-    Each course is designed to be a full year.

    Q- What is the workload like?

    A-    Because of the increased rigor associated with an online course, students can expect the same level of rigor as an entry-level college course. This means that more time and effort may be required than for their regular high school courses.

    Q- What will our classes look like?
    A-  Check out our sample Geology class | By clicking the link, you can view a sample class. Though it is not            fully functioning, it provides a good idea of how courses can be developed using Canvas, our Learning              Management System (LMS). This course was developed by Canvas and not the Jefferson Lewis BOCES.              Discussions are not functioning due to our security settings protecting our registered users. 

    Q- Can students work at their own pace?

    A-     Each course may have a slightly different structure. Some courses will allow for a more flexible schedule than others. All courses will have due dates and completion times. Some courses will also have times where students will need to “meet” online at specific times for group projects, meetings, or activities.

    Q- Will students and parents receive report cards and progress reports for the online courses?

    A-     Students will receive grades for their online courses on their regular report cards and progress notes.   Our online teachers will follow our contact policies to reach out to students, parents, counselors, E-Learning mentors, and school principals if areas of concern arise.

    Q- Will I ever get to actually meet my teacher or classmates?

    A-     Yes, there will be several times throughout the year when parents and students alike can meet the teacher and speak in person, if they choose. There will be an open house to start the school year in September. 

    Q- How is the content designed? Are online courses legitimate?
    A-  Our web-based courses are built by teams of content area experts who are trained in Online Learning and      also trained from the College-board for online courses. Course materials vary for each course, but they may include textbooks, etextbooks,  readings, simulations, flash-based interactive practice, video files, and audio files. Our courses meet all applicable state and national standards.
    Q- Who will teach these classes?
    A-  Our courses are taught by NYS certified teachers who are fully supported by the JLL BOCES and/or the         home school district. Our Distance Learning teachers are highly trained in online learning as well as their          content area. They also work with students individually and in small groups to ensure that each student          is fully engaged in the course and is able to participate to the fullest level possible.
    Q- When do I go to class?
    A- Students have 24/7 access to engaging, multimedia-rich web content.  They can work on course                       assignments from any internet accessible location. 
    • Teachers are NYS certified and have been trained in online instruction.
    • Technology and hardware can be supplied as needed.
    • There is no cost to students.
    • Students will be able to work independently but will also be part of an online community and may be required to complete group work.
    • Teachers will be available for communication and assistance with students and parents.
    • Training for students will be provided prior to the start of class and will continue, as needed, throughout the    course.
    • All courses are offered on Canvas, an online learning management system.
    • To enroll, students need to contact their school counselor.
    • The student must obtain district approval prior to registration.
    • Students must read and agree to the online learning policies prior to the start of an online class.