Are you ready for Online Learning?
    • Are you committed to your learning?
    • Are you motivated to learn at a higher level?
    • Are you able to handle a heavier work-load?
    • Are you able to devote 5-10 hours a week to an online course?
    • Have you taken any prerequisites the course might require?
    • Have you talked to your counselor or e-learning mentor about taking an online class?
    • Have you taken the Smarter Measure test and reviewed the results with your counselor or e-learning mentor?
    • Are you self-directed and able to take responsibility for your learning?
    • Are you able to complete work on time and meet deadlines?
    • Are you looking for self-paced learning?
    • Are you able to participate in an online class community?
    • Do you want to stand out in the college recruitment process?

    Are you interested in a online course? 

    Please use the tabs to the left or click here to view the courses that will be offered for the 2015-2016 school year. Students who are interested in the online program should speak to both their parents and their school’s counselor to determine if the program is the right fit for you. Each school has different requirements to determine which students are approved to take an online course. You may be asked to take a Smarter Measure survey to help them determine if online learning is a good fit and if you have any areas that may need improvement.

    In addition, your counselor may look at things like overall GPA, GPA in prerequisite classes, scores on the PSAT, and scores on the Smarter Measure survey. Smarter Measure is an online-readiness tool to see how your strengths can translate into the online learning environment.
    What will our classes look like?
    Check out our sample Geology class | By clicking the link, you can view a sample class. While it is not fully functioning, it provides a good idea of how courses can be developed using Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS). This course was developed by Canvas, and not the Jefferson Lewis BOCES. Discussions are not functioning due to our security settings protecting our registered users.

    What are some benefits of an Online Course?

    • You may be able to earn college credits.
    • Online classes allow for flexible scheduling and self-pacing.
    • Experience in online learning will be beneficial in college and careers.
    • VAP courses are available for classes that might not be offered in your district.

    How to be a successful online student:

    1.     Be able to communicate through writing

    2.     Be self-motivated and self-disciplined

    3.     Be willing to “speak up”

    4.     Be willing to commit 10-15 hours per week

    5.     Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process

    6.     Think ideas through before responding

    7.     Balance class and school, home, or work

    8.     Set a schedule and meet deadlines

    9.     Be persistent and don’t get easily frustrated

    10.   Remember your “Netiquette”