• Canvas
    Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that structures and powers the course. Content, discussions, quizzes, and learning take place from within the Canvas system. Check out a demonstration Geology class to see how classes might look!
    Plato is a tool that integrates ready made content that teachers can easily integrate within Canvas. One benefit of using this tool is that many districts across Northern New York already use it. Familiarity with this resource will help our students and teachers adjust to the new online format.
    Smarter Measure
    The online program will be using Smarter Measure, a tool that provides guidance to see if a learner's academic and social abilities can be transferred into an online setting. 
    Google Apps for Education
    Google Drive's features are an asset for online learning, providing collaboration, ease of use, and breadth of tools.
    AP© / College Board© Resources
    Sponsored by the College Board©, Advanced Placement (AP)© courses are designed to instill college-level rigor at the high school level. These courses are not your typical high school courses.  They require that students think, act, and work like collegiate level scholars. The College Board© has a vast wealth of resources at their website to help students and parents better understand the differences. Explore it here.