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    What might my class look like?

    Why should I enroll in a online course?
    • You may earn college credit while still in high school.
    • You may be able to take more elective courses in college, save money and time by not having to take as many courses, and add a minor or second major more easily.
    • You will develop college-level academic skills.
    • You will be exposed to the future world of online learning.
    What can I expect as a student in the Online Program?
    • You can expect a rigorous virtual college-level academic curriculum that requires participation in forums, attendance in webinars, and submission of assignments on a daily to weekly schedule.
    • Unless otherwise indicated by your district, this course is in addition to your regular school schedule.  You will be working on the course in the evenings and on the weekend.
    • You can expect to work a minimum of six (6) hours in the course every week.
    • An e-learning mentor, your instructor, and technology help desk will be available to provide support.
    Technology Resources
    •  Jefferson-Lewis BOCES uses Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS) that is the core of our classes. Canvas is the structure that builds exams, hosts courses, manages data, and helps teachers keep their focus on teaching and the students' focus on learning.
    • To help support you in seeing your potential in online learning, we use a tool called Smarter Measure, which analyzes your ability to be successful in this field. Though not a "test," it helps you see where your strengths will be and helps identify your weaknesses too. This way, you and your e-learning  mentor, counselor, and school can work together to overcome any issues that may come up.
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