Online Learning

    What is the Online Learning  Program?

    The Online Learning Program offers a unique learning experience that promotes college readiness. All courses through the program are available online with 24/7 access. Courses in the program are designed to give students more opportunities to take classes that may not be available in their local schools. The courses are taught by NYS certified instructors and have all been approved for the 2015-2016 school year. You can view courses offered and their descriptions by clicking here or on the tabs to the left. 

    What is Advanced Placement?

     All AP© courses are designed to be introductory college-level courses. These courses have a significant increase in difficultly and rigor than regular high school courses. At the end of each course, a standardized AP© test is given. Depending on your score, colleges around the country may award you college credit. You can click here to view a database of college policies on acceptance of AP credit compiled by the College Board©.

    What technology will we use?

    • Jefferson-Lewis BOCES uses Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS) that is the core of our classes. Canvas is the structure that builds exams, hosts courses, manages data, and helps teachers keep their focus on teaching and the student's focus on learning.
    • To help support students in seeing their potential in online learning, we use a tool called Smarter Measure, which analyzes a student's ability to be successful in this field. While not a "test," it helps students see where their strengths will be and helps identify weaknesses. This way, a teacher and a student  can work together to overcome any issues that may arise.