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    Program for Practical Nursing
     Tuition and Procedures


     The Program for Practical Nursing is approved for Title IV funds (Pell and Direct Student/Parent Plus Loans).  To apply for financial aid, please begin the process 8 weeks prior to the start of the first class.
    Qualifying students will receive a 1098T for tax reporting purposes by January 31 for the current tax year.



    Pre-Admission Fees:
    • Teas® Test:  $81.00
    • Strong Interest Inventory:  No Fee
    • Drug Test:  $80.00
    Note:  All fees are non-refundable and not applicable toward tuition.
    2017-2018 Tuition and Fees = $11,712 (breakdown by semester is as follows):
     Program Length:
     Level I
    (595 Clock Hours)
     Level II
    (595Clock Hours
    (1190 Clock Hours)
     Tuition  $5,856.00 $5,856.00 $11,712.00
     Textbooks Inc. Inc. $0
    * Materials & Supplies
       (not covered in tuition)
    0.00 $200.00
     Total Cost $6,056.00 $5,856.00 $11,912.00
    * Estimated cost Includes: 1 set of scrubs, stethoscope, all white shoes, watch with second hand and classroom supplies
    To learn more about the Practical Nursing profession, visit the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.
    2016 Gainful Employment Data - Licensed Practical/Vocational Training
    CIP Code  513901
    Credential Level  01
    Median Title IV Educational Debt  $6,771
    Median Private Loan Educational Debt 0
    Median Institutional Financing Plan Debt  0
     cost 1
    cost 3
    cost 2
    The Net Price Calculator is intended to give you an estimate of both indirect and direct costs to attend the Practical Nursing Program.

    Installment Plan
    To enter into an installment plan 25% of tuition, per semester must be paid 3 days prior to the first day of class. The balance of the tuition will be divided into 3 monthly installments. All installment payments are due the 1st of each month. If a payment is missed you will need to make arrangements with the office to make it up before the next installment is due. Students who are one (1) month in arrears may be terminated from the program.
    Full Payment by the Individual
    Students selecting this option must pay the semester’s tuition in full by the end of the first week of class.
    PELL and Federal Direct Loans
    Adults enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program may apply for a PELL Grant Award and Direct Student Loans.  Any financial assistance through these programs will be applied directly to the student's tuition any excess funds will be returned to the student.
    Any student who has a bachelor's degree or higher, will not be eligible for a PELL Grant Award, but may  be eligible for a student loan.
    Students can apply for PELL by filing out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on line at http://www.fafsa.gov Federal School Code is 010052
    Student Financial Obligation

    Students, who are terminated or withdraw voluntarily, may have a financial obligation to the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES.  All outstanding financial obligations are due within 30 days from the date of termination or withdrawal.  Under these conditions, the student still may have a financial obligation to the BOCES based on the date of separation (see the following chart)

    Date of Separation:
    Amount Due:
     1st or 2nd Week (Day 1-10)  25% of semester tuition
     3rd or 4th Week (Day 11-20)  50% of semester tuition
     5th Week or later  100% of semester tuition
    If a student withdraws prior to completing more then 60% of the term and they received Title IV funds (Pell and/or Direct Student Loans) the student and/or Jefferson-Lewis BOCES  has to return any Title IV funds that were not earned.
    If the student attends more than 60% of the term, all Title IV funds are considered earned and no return of funds will be required. 
    Students will be responsible for returning any unearned financial assistance as determined by the U.S. Department of Education.
    If any overpayment occurs, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES will notify the student in writing.  The student is required to take a positive action regarding returning the overpayment within 45 days of notification or rick losing eligibility for any further Title IV assistance at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES or any other post-secondary institution.
    If a withdrawal results in a refund, the refund will be processed to the party who initially made the tuition payment.
     Satisfactory Academic Progress

    Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for all students is defined as:

    • Theory – Student must maintain at least an 80% in all subject areas.
    •  Clinical – Student must pass all areas.        
    •  Attendance– Student can not be absence more than 23 hours per semester. 

    Federal regulation mandates that a recipient of Federal Title IV aid (Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan) make satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degree or certificate to maintain eligibility for that funding.  Progress must be reviewed, on a cumulative basis, after each term of enrollment, including periods for which the student did not receive financial aid.

    A student who is receiving Federal Title IV aid must be making SAP each semester, they must achieve an 80% GPA and not have missed more than 30 hours in the 1st semester.  Disbursements are made in October (fall semester) and March (spring semester) if SAP has been made. 

    A student who fails to make SAP loses eligibility for federal aid for that period.  Students who are not making SAP, may appeal this status.  A written request for appeal must be submitted to the Program Coordinator within 7 days of notification of SAP status.  The student should state reason why SAP was not met and why financial aid should not be terminated.  The Program Coordinator and Financial Aid Administrator will then review the appeal.  A decision will be made and the student will be advised within 5 business days.  THIS DECISION IS FINAL.

    A student may receive Pell for the payment period in which they regain eligibility but they will not be entitled to Pell for the period in which the standards were not met.  For Direct loans a student who regains eligibility during a payment period is eligible for the entire period of enrollment.

    Advancement:  If SAP in achieved in all areas at the end of the first semester (Level 1), the student may begin the second semester (Level 2).  If SAP is not achieved the student will be terminated from the program and all future disbursements will be cancelled.

    Questions Regarding Financial Aid or Program
    Student Financial Services:
    Julie Brouse - Financial Aid Officer
    Nursing Program:
    Cynthia Lapp, RN - Health Careers Coordinator