Virtual Enterprise students


Quick look

Target student: Grade 12 students seeking business careers with some prior business coursework
Course length: 1 year
Credits: Up to 4 in CTE or a combination of CTE and integrated academic credit for career and financial management, English, math and economics.
Virtual Business
Teacher at Charles H. Bohlen Technical Center:
Arleen Burgess

Virtual Business  (Bohlen & Sackett Career & Tech Centers)

Have an idea for the perfect product or service? Here’s your chance to set up a virtual business, complete with all the departments you’d see in a real company––product development, sales, marketing, accounting and information technology. You’ll buy and sell your product, pay salaries, earn paychecks, pay taxes, negotiate loans and interact with other virtual/simulated businesses established by students around the world. Learn the daily operations of a business… without any actual risk! The culminating event has you participating in a trade fair where you’ll set up a booth to showcase your product or service in a venue with other Virtual Business Enterprise classes from around the nation and around the world. Virtual Business is an ideal program for seniors who are following a business career pathway.


Sample units of study

  • Organizing a business
  • Accounting/finance
  • Marketing and sales
  • International trade
  • Human resources/personnel/labor management
  • Computer technology (web page design/publishing, photo editing, presentation software, databases, Microsoft Office software)

Career opportunities

  • Business owner
  • Product developer
  • Sales/marketing
  • Retail management
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Accounting

College partners

·        Jefferson County Community College
·        USC: The Business College
·        Herkimer Community College
Last Modified on January 20, 2015