Board of Education 2018-19

Grace H. Rice, President
Peter E. Monaco, Vice President
Alice M. Draper
Sandra Young Klindt
Michael J. Kramer
Barbara A. Lofink
James L. Lawrence, Jr.
Lynn A. Murray
Michael F. Young


The BOCES supports the Regents' Bill of Rights for Children and Goals for Elementary, Middle and Secondary School Students (1991) and establishes additional goals.

    1. To provide programs for students that develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to be economically self-sufficient, contributing citizens, who possess a feeling of self-worth, and a desire for life-long learning.
    2. To continuously evaluate and upgrade programs and develop new services that meet the needs of an "evolving" society and its population.
    3. To provide leadership throughout the region in identifying educational needs, and in creatively pooling resources and personnel to meet these needs.
    4. To develop budgetary procedures which recognize the need for providing high quality programs while being cognizant of local economic resources.
    5. To regularly seek feedback from component Boards of Education and personnel regarding the effectiveness of current programs and needs in the future.
    6. To maintain or acquire staff, materials and facilities to operate current and future programs.
    7. To cooperate with other regional agencies and The State Education Department in providing programs and services that have a statewide impact.
    8. To annually evaluate all personnel for the purpose of continued development and assessment of contributions to the mission and goals of the BOCES.

BOARD GOALS 2017-2018

  1. Continuing Strategic planning and succession planning processes that will help all BOCES departments and programs prepare for the future.
  2. Helping the component school districts of the region to identify and maximize opportunities for collaboration in both instructional and non-instructional programs.
  3. Identifying and implementing strategies that sustain the level of curricular and instructional support needed by the component districts of the region.
  4. Promoting a positive BOCES image at every opportunity. This will include, but not be limited to, enhancing the website, and engaging students in community projects which will offer them authentic experience, will enrich the community, will provide BOCES with positive public relations, and will promote good will.
  5. Maintaining and upgrading BOCES facilities to ensure that they will meet the needs of present and future programming. This will include: a) a multi-year facilities planning process b) a security audit c) effective deployment and use of technology