New Video Conferencing System deployed
    Jefferson-Lewis BOCES has deployed a complete High Definition Polycom Video Conferencing system with bridge and scheduling system. This new system supports not only the traditional hardware endpoints but also software clients with a webcam. This should allow all of our staff and potentially any of the schools in our region to work in a video based collaborative environment.
   Anyone in our schools with a standards based video conferencing unit (SONY, Polycom, Tandberg) is welcome to join our Distance Learning network. This will give you full access to our collaborative video network and global address book. This makes it easier than ever before to call regionally, without the need to know any complicated addresses.Software is also available that can allow most devices with a webcam to join video conferences. This software currently supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android OS.
   Users can then easily call each other directly, join one of our many automatic meeting rooms (for an ad hoc conference) or by having us schedule a conference for you.
Software based Visual Communication for everyone
   The new CMA system also offers a software client called CMA Desktop. This software client, offers users the ability to call each other or enter meeting rooms for ad hoc conferences. The client is currently available to BOCES staff for download from the tab to the left. It requires a webcam and Microphone to function.
Calling into our network from the Internet to any of the software or hardware endpoints
    As part of this system we have also collaborated with the Regional Information Center to deploy Polycom's remote calling solution. This allows our system to more easily call in and out of the region to the Internet without the need to manually configure the regions firewall for each device. In order to call into the region you will need some additional information which is provided below.
   For the outside world to call into your desktop conferencing software or your hardware conferencing unit, you would provide them with your alias and the address of our Polycom video system. For hardware end points the alias should be displayed directly on the screen. With the CMA Desktop you can look up your alias by selecting Menu->Preferences and then the configuration item on the left.  Look for the number next to "H.323 extension (E.164:)". Your alias will typically be a string of numbers and often we use your seven digit phone number or the rooms seven digit phone number.
Those on the Internet would then call you by using a dialing string that is compatible with their video conferencing system.
(ALIAS) [from some units you may have to use - (ALIAS)@]
Occasionally some older systems use the format as such:
    When calling to someone on the Internet, they would have to provide you with the correct information to connect to them. It may be directly via an IP address(I.e. or using a modern alias just as above.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you.For additional information or training on our Video Conferencing System BOCES employees can log into the website or contact the Distance Learning Coordinator. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Last Modified on January 10, 2013